Monday, November 9, 2009

Mount Nuang

Mount Nuang (Malay: Gunung Nuang) is located in Selangor with the height of 1,493 metres (4,898 ft). 
 The mountain itself is the highest point in Selangor and part of the Titiwangsa Ranges.

There are three hiking routes to the peak and all of them were built by Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Two of them start in Selangor ;
1. Kuala Pangsoon in Hulu Langat.
2. Kampung Kemensah in Gombak.
3. Path originates from Bukit Tinggi in Bentong, Pahang.

On the Kuala Pangsoon route, the climb involves a two hour hike on a very steep road, then an optional stop at "Camp Lolo", and after that there is a six hours push up to the peak, and  four hours trek to the ground.
My story began when I failed two attempts, I only reach at the Lolo camp. 
Only for the third time, I managed to reach the summit. ~ wee
The best is, at night, Genting Highlands visible from the peak and there are a tame and adorable squirrel. It will come out when we offer food.


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