Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mount Bujang Melaka

Gunung Bujang Melaka : 4048 ft ( 1234 m)

Day 1: 4.5 hrs from starting point (Batu Berangkai Falls) to campsite
Day 2: 1.15 hrs from campsite to summit
Day 2: 1 hr from summit to camp site
Day 2: <4 hrs down to waterfall and car park
This is my second mountain and a wonderful adventure. The mountain located at Kampar, Perak keep plenty secrets of nature. A variety of unique flora and fauna found there.
 Trips for 2 days 1 night with some new friends gave me a lot of interesting experiences .
Starting from Batu Berangkai waterfall through aboriginal farms to the Balak Camp. Along the way there are many leeches until reach Lebah Camp. A very big campsite can accommodate up to 50 people and pretty clean.There is a stream beside that campsite and the water is so cold. Temperature at campsite (24°c before bed time, possibly <20°c after 3:00am).

credit to Somphob for this image

Coming up after this the next mountain.
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