Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Ever Ride

Our RV as usual @ Petronas. I was a bit late ~ 10 minutes, the clock ran out of batteries.


Cit!! Dabel Yu Jay Zee, sorry for waiting.

The waiting

Our mission this time is to find the orchid farm located@ Kg Sungai Kelambu ( Mosquito nets River village)


Then we visited the small factory producing chips.


Stopped over the National Space Center.


Last but not lease, went to visit the residence of Haji Sidek father of Misbun Sidek


The best part is..we eat, eat, drink and ride.

Ain't that cool ~wee

Thank you to Debel Yu Jay Zee for the images
 Nice nice and nice


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My 1st Offroad Ride

Hrmm. What we have here,
Hiking trail, red soil, up hills, down slope, many interwoven tree roots, crossing the river.
Only 8km.
Uhf WOW!
Can I do that ?
Sure I can ~ wee
This time I've learn how to balance my body in a certain situation.
How to use  the brakes properly so as not to bounce or fall. 
Efficiency focus points to the path when cycling.
How fast do I change the speed and gear.
and most importantly,
 I do not care to DIRT!

Riding to Tea BOH Plantations ( Low Land)

Have you heard the cultivation of lowland tea in Malaysia ? There are two ways of planting tea. The first, tea is grown in highland areas such as in Cameron Highland. The other one is in lowland area.
Now I want to take you to a lowland tea growing areas. Located in  Kampung Bukit Cheeding, state of Selangor. Unfortunately during our cycling tour that day, we were not allowed to enter the factory, so we just cycling around the plantation.
This journey started from my house, through the main street we met with a car that...

reduce speed
~ Proceed to Jenjarom. Stop for breakfast. The special menu's is pancakes variety of flavors such as coconut, banana, tapioca and wheat, accompanied by the 'Javanese sambal'.

Then we proceed to find the location, in the middle of the ride, it was raining and we stopped under the old hut.
We are approached by one of the villagers that is very friendly, he gives us a drinks. After the rain stopped, we continued our journey. And finally find that location.

Yay ! we did it.
 While rested, we saw a small parade. We think that's a festival. Asking for their permission to take a pictures. Nah! Salam and Nan got their gift. Hua hua hua

religious ceremony

flour & tumeric powder

my sporting buddies 
Fortunately, there are water pipes, can clean themselves

Yucks !
Then we cooked for lunch. Maggie
Our lunch
 Start a photography session. ~wee

Until we meet again in my next simple journey by bicycle...

* Forgive me for using english language that may be incorrect in terms of grammar. Correct me if I'm wrong. TQ

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MTB Method

If you are tired pedaling uphill, do not stop and waiting for a rescue or S.O.S. Shameless. But use  'MTB' method. Your  time is not wasted just like that and you still get to the destination with the same amount of time.

'M'ari 'T'olak 'B'asikal  ~> or in English  (Let's push the bike)

Is it ok to you ? Now start push your bike. MOVE ! hurry up !

geez :P


*Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please corect my mistakes. Tq 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bike's Name

What is the name of your bike?
 I know it sounds very funny and silly, but it will make more interesting.Why do you need to give a name to a bicycle ? the answer is 'appreciation'.It is not just a metal / alloy, but it will be an intimate companion as long as you want to use it, then it should be given a name.  You must appreciate on the service given to you over the years, without it you can not go anywhere easily. Am I right ?

Last but not nice to everything.

*Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please corect my mistakes. Tq 

To KNOW Him, Is to LOVE Him

Let's learn about the bike

#click the image for enlargment

Monday, May 7, 2012

Kelanang & Morib

Wee ! touring again. This time we will go to Kelanang and Morib's beach through the village road. Starting from Telok Panglima Garang Petronas's petrol station, continue to the junction of Carey Island. A new path and not many vehicles use this road. Safer for me.
Paddle through the village, a stroll while viewing the old wooden houses. It caught my attention and bring back nostalgic.
The route feels shorter than the main road. Stop at the Kampung Bandar  located the old palace and mosque of  Sultan Selangor (5)

Continue cycling towards the Jugra's hill. A popular place for enthusiasts extreme sport - 

By the afternoon, just got to the Kelanang's beach. Stopped for lunch, even my lunch time has passed. Enjoy the beauty of the coastal inviroment and the wind made ​​me want to sleep. This place is ideal for relaxing with friends and families, playground facilities and rest areas is excellent.

 Ah .. I need to proceed my journey to the final destination ~ Morib beach.

Morib is adjacent to the Kelanang coast, so there is a small passageway that connects between the two locations. At a small path along the coast, you will be treated with a view of mangrove trees along the route. Very nice indeed.

What is interesting at Morib beach ?

Of course waiting for the sunset lah!

So, until we meet again in my nest journey,
Be Safe in what ever you do.


*Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please corect my mistakes. Tq 

Frazer Hill's Ride

Ahah! This time is more challenging ride. Routes that requires more stamina and spirit. I began my journey from a small town of Kuala Kubu Baru to the 1st gate of  Fraser Hill
Remote and hilly.
 There are many sharp corners along the ascent. So you can imagine what a miserable ride. I take a break several times of course and it was not good actually, but what can I do, my legs started to feel very pain. Ride up the hill with no end. Phewss!It getting dark when I arrived at the base of the hill.

 I stopped to eat as there are no food stalls along the route. Starvation. An hour later, I turn on the head lamp and continue started to ride. 7 miles ride uphill. Arrggh ..! I pedal so slowly, exhausted and pain. 
Only 3 miles remain, I wanted to give up.

 However, I must continue the journey, I had to used 'MTB' method..Uhf damn!  Just imagine, I pushing a bicycle in the middle of a dark night with a faint light from the head lamp. Alone. I have been left behind. Scary huh ! Owh gosh!..I did it , untill reach the last gate of Fraser Hill.

Take the time to walk around the FH, snapping pictures of attractive clock tower until + - 2200 hours. Then I began to move down from FH. Crazy work right ? hehehe . RARE!

Get ready with the jacket and the brake yo..! 1 2 3 and zassstt ~ Wee ... paddling down the hill in the dark of night. Although there is a concern and fear about my night vision but I have to do it. So far, this is my most absurd ride.

Until my next extreme ride.

Thanks to my Mentor who taught me the hard way.
*Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please corect my mistakes. Tq

Carey Island

This time just touring.Where? to an island called Carey Island. This island also became a villages for natural community of Mah Meri tribe.Along the route there are only oil palm plantations. However, there are many species of birds that live freely, such as eagles etc.

I continue to ride until the end of the road where there is a vast stretch of sea. So relaxing and beautiful with the murmur of the sea breeze.

On the way home , I visited a museum of culture & herritage. If you want to know more about what is in the museum, please come to Carey Island.  :)

Until we meet again..daaaa..!

*Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please corect my mistakes. Tq 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Genting Sempah

Well .. this is my first time to test my ability to handle a bike, the path chosen is from the Museum of Aboriginal Gombak via the old road to Genting Sempah.

Along the way are very exciting, the weather is quite dim, but the path is a bit challenging. For a beginner like me really feel tortured when climbing a hill along the route.

My feet feel numb until my mental almost lost, but I'm forced to continue cycling. I finally made ​​it to the RnR's Genting Sempah.

I rested for a moment to enjoy my breakfast and relieve the muscles . Now time to go home, at the beginning I had to ride up the hill again. Uhff owh no no ! @ # $% ^ & (grumble) ,
but after that the route is down the hill .~ wee

Thanks GOD!

One way  17.0 km about 3 hours +-


* Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please corect my mistakes. Tq

I'm New In Cycling

I have been talking about cycling, while telling about my trip to Langkawi.
Now my words that I could make it riality. See, I just bought a bike.

This is my bike, blue and white GT Avalanche 2.0. I named it Remy Ish Haq.
So do not ask me anything about the bike, because I was still in the process of learning about each part of the bike. I choose this bike because it's suits to my body shape.  'S' size.  Easier for me to balance while paddling.

Till then... I will write about my journey by bicycle :) ;)
Stay tune..

 * Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please correct my mistakes.Tq