Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY ~ Overhauling an Old Bike

This time DIY : I just repair an old and damaged bicycle for presented to my dear Nayli. I cannot affort to buy a new bike , why not I use  my hidden skills of divine grace.

Find the bike in the garage

This is first appearance of the bike
unknown brand
shimano ?
must be the original
I don't have the proper equipments
 The chain, from 6 speeds  I cut and make it a single speed.

this bike has no brakes yet
At last..!
For this time, I was able to change tubes, tires and cut the chain.
There are much more work I need to do., still in the process of repairing.  Soon, must be complete.
    Yeah, I can do it.
 Thanks to You Tube for giving me a tutorial. ~wee
By the way, if I can do it, you also can do... !

 *Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please correct my mistakes. Thank you in advance.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

..and the RED was GONE

Back to 70's immemorial, have you ever have a bike? to me, yes and  its very unique and beautiful.
I missed this bike, the bike was purchased by my lovely 'abah' (father) during my childhood. I wonder where are these bikes gone huh? sold, stolen or used as a scrap metal ? very sad indeed.
For further more info's, you can read the history of Raleigh Chopper beside this story.

I wish, I hope that 1 day I'll have this bike again. Pray for me yeah. 
Have anyone who is willing to sell to me with affordable price?  No, I don't think so.

*Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please corect my mistakes.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rolling wheels with Bikepacker

starting point

On Aug. 31, I have followed a cycling exploration for 3 days and 2 nights. This trip organized by the DET-C that stand for Darul Ehsan Touring- Cyclist.

The route starts from Kapar to Kuala Selangor and Tanjung Karang with cycling distance 193.81 km. Here I do not want to tell you in detail, I just want to convey a summary of a journey and what is interesting / not interesting from the point of my view.

Honestly back then, I was in the uncomfortable situation due to my eye pain, so I am less likely to socialize with other participants.

What I have seen and learned ?

Participants came from a variety of ages, it will give me a positive exposure in terms of ideas and thoughts. Young or old  it's doesn't matter because the real strength lies in the spirit and will of the individual him/herself. If you wish, you sure do. Am I right ?

12 years old rider

all ages united in cycling
There are many forms of bikes and brands that I never knew, and I seem like uhf wow !, but it was not caught my attention because I know it is still called a bicycle. Ahaks!

still called a bike

Owh ! certainly I like to see the difference between, Touring bicycle, Road bicycle and Mountain bicycle because each of them was built with special privileges .
Touring bike with a relaxed style, road bike with the maximum speed and mountain bike with  gallant style when on a rough trails. Such a great stuff huh.

Once you're on the road this differences will be obviously seen. It makes me smile because, it's look like :  The road bike will sped off , mountain bike lags behind, then touring bike will call.'' Hey you! where you want to go, we're in touring mode, please slow down your cycling, otherwise you will miss all the beauty around you.'' ~ hihihi geez that'a lesson :)

Now I will talk about the routes that the organizer choose. Interesting because it emphasizes security matters!
The journey through the village streets, paved road, red soil road and rocky trails, so the participants will feel the experience through all conditions.
village street
path between the canal and rice fields

coastal route
in line
This time I can only feel cycling in the scorching heat. Yeah, of course I felt a little bit mental down  but I keep reminding myself about my cycling's main purpose. Keep moving girl, go go you can do it..!
When will I be cycling in heavy rain & thunderstorms ? uhf. that'a scary one.

Ops ! by the way , why I chose backpack instead pannier ?
The answer is, good to choose a hard way in the beginning, then on the other occasions, it will feel more easily ~ it was taught by my Mentor. Beside, looks so cool, stylish and perky huh ? c(:
The important is RARE ~ wee.

I like to be different from others

bikepacker style
However, thanks to those who concerned when they saw how hard I was cycling with a shoulder strain. Frankly speaking, I'm okay. Thanks for the suggestion for me to start using the rack and change the tyres. I will, soon. ;)

If I am not mistaken, I was the only one who uses GT bike. Yeah, the only Remy Ish Haq ~ unbeatable.
Eyh hello.. it's still called the bicycle lah ! erk owh alright :p

For the first night I chose to sleep surrounded by nature, no chalets, no tent but only the hammock.

Look! there are someone interested with my hammock
Just nice huh ? Located at Taman Ikan Air Tawar  (Coordinates N 03.33908 E 101.24534)

Place we stayed for the second night called :
Amin Homestay, 
Lorong Berlian B, Kampung Parit Serong, Tanjung Karang
Coordinates N 03.42330 E 101.22910

What is interesting here is,  they have a  huge swimming pool. Hrm, but I prefer to sleep to regain my energy back. Zzz

cooling time
At night, after having a dinner there are small slot for bicycle workshop, speaker from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Mr Akmal willing to share a knowledge about the bike.

Mr. Akmal was showing how to measure the seat height

3rd day is the last day
Time to go, before that I would like to whispered about something. The whole journey was satisfactory, but there are things that increase the pain in the eyes and my heart. It relates to a very annoying dirty environment. Widespread debris dumped on the streets and roadside. So sad to see that situation. Which is one reason I do not have the interest to take any pictures. Owh my Malaysian!

If you want to know the whole story of this journey please visit this blog.
My congratulations to the organizers especially the GogoGuideDET-C founder and to all participants.
All the pictures are courtesy from to those who have a dslr, compact, ipad and hp cameras. Thanks for the images taken. ~ will be an everlasting memories.

*Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please corect my mistakes.