Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A big support [POT]

Last night, a small event  was carried out in 'Uptown Outdoor' shop.
I did not expect the overwhelming response from  my cycling friends. With their presence has prompted me to realizing my dream of traveling throughout the Peninsular with cycling.
This is half of the great contributions that I have received from them.

side mirror
sleeping bag
screw driver

Everything is completed now. Many thanks to those who were honored to sponsor this requirements
May Allah bless you all. Amin. 

This is the name, who helped me in all things. Greatly appreciate for  their kindness :

Monday, March 25, 2013

two weeks before [ POT ]

As I say that my adventure is made to appreciate many things about life. Pain, fear, suffering, been hurt, rejected, omitted , courage, loyalty, trust, discipline & honesty. If I want to survive I must be a brave person to face a fact of life. Throughout my life, I been face all of the above. Obviously, I still survive. Makes me appreciate my short and simple live.

In addition, I do not to seek popularity or even put the name into the books of record. I do it because of my desire to enjoy the beauty of nature created by Allah in the most inexpensive way. I admit, I am not a wealthy of money, I just have a wealth of 'time' only. Not only the rich people can travel around the globe, but actually, everybody can do it too. The selection of the suitable way for us is the main key.

Humans can only plan, but Allah determines everything. Similarly, like my story. My plan is to cycling solo. Even deep in my heart there is too much a sense of anxiety, but I should be courageous and believe for the love of God. Until the last minute, I received a short message (SMS), who ask about my itinerary from someone I did not know. Began to whisper with myself : Well ! surely Allah does not allow me to move solo. Allah has sent an assistance. What can I say more..Syukur Alhamdulillah.

And around me, there was a friends and family  who willing  to give me a help.
Many thanks to them for their kindness.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Peninsular On Tour [POT]

This trip made ​​to commemorate a lot thing about life, courage, loyalty, trusty, discipline & honesty, because I'm not a coward person to face the real life, Soloist.

Skirting the root of Peninsular Malaysia
*Around 23 days*
Soloist ?
3,300 km
6th April 2013

I’m using Bridgestone MB-6 4130 Cromo  D14932 ( late 1980s and early'90s) for exploration the root of Peninsular. Below is my itinerary, but it is just only the basic because it will change according to my ability, weather conditions, routes and my bike along the journey.

The Red Arian

Day 1 ( 6/4/13 ) Jalan Nangka - Kuala Selangor Selangor : 58.7km Kuala Selangor - Sabak Bernam : 62km = 120.7km
Day 2 (7/4/13) Sabak Bernam- Teluk Intan - Kampung Sg. Kerang - Setiawan = 127.95 km
Day 3 (8/4/13) Setiawan - Pantai Remis - Batu Hampar - Kuala Kurau
= 170.87 km Day 4 (9/4/13) Kuala Kurau- Kota Kuala Muda -Sungai Petani
= 150.68 km Day 5 (10/4/13) Sungai Petani - Lembah Bujang - Yan - Kuala Kedah - Kuala Perlis
= 172.25 km

Day 6 (11/4/13)
Kuala Perlis - Kangar-Kaki Bukit - Padang Besar - Changlun 
= 141.64 km

Day 7 (12/4/13)
Changlun -Kampong Padang Sanai - Kampung Pulau Belantik 
= 104.32 km

Day 8 (13/4/13)
Kampung Pulau Belantik - Baling 
= 78.5 km

Day 9 (14/4/13)
Baling - Pengkalan Hulu - Banding 
= 117 km

Day 10 (15/4/13)
Banding - Jeli 
= 82.4 km

Day 11 (16/4/13)
Jeli - Rantau Panjang : 54.8km
Rantau Panjang- Tumpat : 39km
Tumpat -Ketereh = 35.8 km 

Day 12 (17/4/13)
Ketereh - Pantai Irama - Jelawat - Bachok - Kampung Raja
= 100.4 km

Day 13 (18/4/13)
Kampung Raja - Merang : 62.5km
Merang - Seberang Takir : 32.9km
= 95.4 km

Day 14 (19/4/13)

Seberang Takir - Paka
= 160.64 km

Day 15 (20/4/13)
Paka - Beserah- Kuantan
= 154.76km

Day 16 (21/4/13)
Kuantan - Pekan -Nenasi
= 141 km

Day 17 (22/4/13)
Nenasi - Kuala Rompin - Mersing
= 134 km

Day 18 (23/4/13)
Mersing - Sedili Besar- Sedili Kechil -Desaru
= 166 km

Day 19 (24/4/13)
Desaru - Kampung Sungai Rengit- Masai- Johor Bharu
= 144 km

Day 20 (25/4/13)
Johor Bharu - Pekan Nenas -Tanjung Piai - Pontian Kechil
= 146 km

Day 21 (26/4/13)
Pontian Kechil -Muar
= 156.34 km

Day 22 (27/4/13)
Muar- Merlimau - Pengkalan Balak- P.Dickson
=177 km

Day 23 (28/4/13)
P. Dickson- Sungai Pelek - Morib- Pulau Carey - Telok Panglima Garang- Jalan Nangka
= 141 km

Wish me good luck, save and sound along the journey.

I won't give up !

I will do my 1st  nomadic adventure by bicycle around Peninsular Malaysia on 6th April 2013  for about 25 days or more . Who have time and keen in cycling together, I welcome you to accompany me in every state that I went through. All the informations, time and locations can refer to Mr Azizan and Mrs Ija Zahri.

My Route Schedule
Peninsular On Tour [P.O.T]

Thank you to those who have sponsored me with a variety of travel needs,  not to forget also to those who gave me a lots of spirits, advices and informations 'do & don't'. To friends & family who will be my rescuer, please activate your cellphone 24hrs. I really appreciate your helps. 
Wish me safe & sound along the journey and simplified all my travel arrangements. Amiiin.

 I would be grateful if anyone is interested to give me a small contributions or donations for my expenses during this journey as a token of your support for my venture . Pray for my success and safety ya'.  Thank you in advance.

Please contact Mr. Azizan Zolkipli & Mrs Ija Zahri for more informations.

I won't give up !

always unique totally interesting sometimes mysterious
- Life | Love | Nature | Bicycle -

Castaway - Thailand [ Krabi & Hat Yai ]

previous story

Day 6 [ 14/3/2013 ]

Today we are get ready to leave the island. Taking a boat at 10 am, giving us time to get over to
Hat Yai before dark. Along the way, I prefer to be on deck to see the beauty of the ocean.

Very exciting journey with views over the vast sea, I saw the occasional fish, jellyfish and squid on the surface. The weather is sunny and extremes humidity, because of that's my friend chose to be in the cabin.

we're Asian

Arriving at the jetty, we are greeted by touts who ask our for direction, and there came a young man want to  gave us a tuk-tuk service. Alright, we agreed to take a tuk-tuk to find a place to buy a bus tickets to Hat Yai.

pink tuk tuk
The tuk tuk drive into the city. The driver helped us to find the bus ticket sales counter. Finally we were taken to a shop that is located near the river Krabi.

Bai Ngoen Tour

Here, we got tickets for the van with a/c 240B (Krabi to Hat Yai). Great huh. While waiting for leaving at 1300hrs, we wander the town of Krabi. We tried the food that is not in MY. Delicious !

Thai pancake

Van started the journey exactly at 1500hrs . Comfortable ride and will take a break at RnR Thang. For about 15 minutes we could relax, eating and  take a walk in this area.

Almost 1800hrs we arrived to Hat Yai and keep looking for Cathay Guesthouse. Although the second time in Hat Yai but I still misguided.

simple basic

Cathay Guesthouse is an accommodation that is very popular with backpackers from around the world. 200B prices pernight and do not have to leave our passports and with comfortable stay here safely.

Cathay Guesthouse

Day 7 [15/3/2013]
Hat Yai
Today we plan to go to the  Samila beach located in Songkla, then continue to Floating Market. Before that, we need to buy a bus ticket back to MY.

Num Thai Travel
Ticket from Hat Yai to KL cost 540B, depart at 2030hrs and arrival at 0600hrs in the next morning. Okay, everything was prepared. So we do not need to worry. Now time for some sightseeing.

Finding a tuk tuk for hire quite tiring. Every tuk tuk we should asked  to get a reasonable price. After a final bargaining, tuk tuk driver agreed to take us to the Samila Beach and Floating Market with prices 750B.

popular statue
Within the boundaries of the city of Songkhla is the Samila cape beach, the most popular beach in the province. The famous mermaid statue can be found here. The two islands Ko Nu and Ko Maew (Mouse and Cat island), not far from the beach, are also a popular landmark, and a preferred fishing ground. According a local folk tale, a cat, mouse and dog were traveling on a Chinese ship, when they attempted to steal a crystal from a merchant. While trying to swimming ashore, both the cat and the mouse drowned and became the two islands; the dog reached the beach, then died and become the hill Khao Tang Kuan. The crystal turned into the white sandy beach.

cat and mouse statue
For an hour, we enjoy the beach scenery, see a variety of stalls selling a variety of decorative items and foods. Suddenly, I saw this sea coconut juice, it have white and sweet content, it tastes very good. I never taste the delicious juice like this before.

home  made coconut ice-cream =30B 
It's time to go. The tuk tuk's driver already wait for us. We will go to the floating market to enjoy a unique and appetizing. Klonghae Floating Market is a new floating market created as a tourist attraction for the people living in the south of the country. The floating market is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. It has drawn the people from Malaysia as they like to come and shop here.

I was so happy and excited when looking at a small boat along the river stacked neatly with a variety sales.

khao lam

Finally I found this cuisine in Klong Hae floating market, Hat Yai,
A glutinous rice, both purple and white varieties, cooked in bamboo tubes
In Laos it called Paung Din
In Thailand called Khao Lam
In Cambodia it been called Krolan.
In MY we call it Lemang.

coloring puddings

quail eggs

no plastic used

This is the end of my travel and stories, for those who want to wander into Thailand can use this story as a guide for your journey. Everything I write here is for guidance to friends who are interested in traveling to Thailand. I'm just telling what I have experienced, the location I visit and the cheapest price I received.

How can I afford to spend a little money to go to a few places in Thailand?
Tips and tricks:
1. bring along cooking needs such as stove , gas and dry food
2. sharing a pocket money with your friends.
 ex : you have 300MYR, and your friend have 300MYR, combined then you'll have 600MYR. Only 1 person will manage to pay hotel rent, transportation, food and tickets. So you'll  reduced the cost of your hotel and vehicle rental.
3. Dare to bargain with everything.
4. Doing the survey of location that you want to visit through internet before the trip.
5. Smile, be safe and have a nice trip!

Until we meet again in another adventure, daa.

Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please correct my mistakes. Thank you in advance.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Castaway - Thailand [ Koh Phi Phi ]

Day 5 [ 13/3/2013]
Surat Thani - Krabi
As early as 5 o'clock in the morning we were waking up, praying and packing, because songthew taxi will pick us up to be sent to the Songserm Pier and boat trip will start at 6 am. Today we will be heading to Krabi because Krabi is one of the paths to Koh Phi Phi other than Phuket.

The boat will stop at  Koh Samoi to take / drop off passengers and then heading to Dongsak Pier in Surat Thani. At Dongsak pier, express buses were waiting to take us to Krabi. We will be distinguished by a colored sticker affixed at our clothes.

Normally if we take the bus companies services such as Seatran, Lomprayah or Songserm, they will stop far from the pier. That makes us continue to use their services and makes us no choices to buy a ticket at a price higher than usual. Actually bought your own tickets at the ticket counter located at the jetty is more cheaper.
One of the reasons we had to buy joint tickets from a particular bus company is due to time constraints boat schedules to the islands.

Koh Phi Phi Island is known by its uniqueness, beauty, the most famous tourist destination. With only 45-60 minutes by Day Trip Speedboat travel from Krabi, Phi Phi island offers a great laid back tropical tour, trip and lifestyle. Koh Phi Phi Leh is well-known destination for its excursions for cavernous scenery, stunning cliffs, mesmerizing water. Here, there are several beautiful tourist spots, such as Lo Samah, Hin Klang, Viking Cave which you can enjoy by speedboat. The effect of their steep coast limestone cliffs, classic white sandy beaches, emerald water, colourful pattern of coral reefs and seafans, large caves and bonsai trees appeal million of visitors each year. Enjoy tour in Maya Bay (location for Hollywood film "The Beach"), Loh Sameh, Pi Leh Cave, snorkelling, swimming, crystal water, and spectacular scenery by speed boat.

from afar
On our arrival here, we have to pay for the cost of 20baht per person fee required on the pier for "keeping Koh Phi Phi clean" . Nothing much can do here other than do a island hopping to point of interest to Maya bay. Cost about 400baht per person. By the way, when reaching Maya bay, again tourer must pay 200baht for National Park entry fee.

Welcome to Koh Phi Phi
Once again, what is interesting in this island ?
Maya Bay

Maya Bay is a stunningly beautiful bay that's sheltered by 100-metre high cliffs on three sides. Inside the bay there are several beaches, most are small and some only exist at low tide. The main one is around 200 metres long with silky soft white sand, underwater colourful coral and exotic fish in exceptionally clear water, the whole bay is one big reef.

Most of the island's population 80% is Muslim. There is a huge mosque named Al-Islah. So, to find halal food very easily.

Day 6 [14/3/2013]
Koh Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi was devastated by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 2004, when nearly all of the island's infrastructure was destroyed. As of 2010 most, but not all of this has been restored.

Wrong calculations, I do not expect that now is the high season in Koh Phi Phi, so all accommodations are expensive. A little hut with 2 bed and fan costing 700B. That is the cheapest price that we got.

not bad huh !

bamboo craft
On the island, only bicycles and 2 wheels cart are allowed.  Travelers luggage will be put on the cart, and they will walk up along to the hotel room.

Not much we can do here, except for the Westerner, by night, they will hang out  and have fun until the morning . Just like in Koh Phangan, lots of massages and tattoo shops along the hallway. Seafood restaurants also lively here, and the price is very cheap.

sea scapes

We only stayed one night in this island because we ran out of pocket money.
Bought a boat tickets from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi only costs 250B only, whereas before this we buy through the Songserm company costing 300B. Hrm..

Spending on this island for 2 days 1 night including meals estimated 150MYR perhead. After this we will head to Hat Yai. Again, how come we can spend money with small amount ? continue reading until last chapter. I will reveal the secret, tip and trick. ;)
La kon kha ~> Koh Phi Phi.
 Diao phop kan kha...

*Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please correct my mistakes. Thank you in advance.

Castaway - Thailand [ Koh Phangan ]

Back to writing after a long silence. This time I travel to the north of MY. The country that make tourism as an industry in generating national revenue.
Welcome to Thailand

Day 1 [9/3/2013]
KL - Padang Besar
Began my journey from home by bus, then ride the commuter train and after that take a night train headed to
Hat Yai. As usual no activity that can be done along the way other than sleeping. This time I was with a friend who also a traveler.

little totis on tour
If you want to make a trip to the north or far out of MY recommended choosing a train named Senandung Langkawi. Senandung Langkawi is a train that will take us from Central Kuala Lumpur - Hat Yai with fare ticket RM60 (bed) for superior Night Class Coach. Depart on 2120hrs and arrival at 0927hrs.

the must
Day 2 [ 10/3/2013]
Hat Yai & Surat Thani
Arrival at Padang Besar at 0900 hrs, we will stop for 1 hour for customs clearance and to change the departure time according to Thailand time.

as usual, no complete facilities here
 In the meantime we can take a breakfast at a restaurant nearby.
Sorry ! only nasi lemak been selling here.
Oops, before I forget, we have to convert ringgit into baht before leaving MY. However, there is a lady who gives money exchange service in the foyer of the train station. Seem very affordable price equal to the exchange at KL Central. We sell  316.50MYR, and got 3,000B. Just nice lah !

am I a billionaire ?
Train will begin to move at 10:00 hrs, and takes about 45 minutes to get to Hat Yai. At this point I feel confused because my watch shown 11:00 o'clock, according to the  Thailand time was 10:00 o'clock. Damn, I forgot to change the time. NgEE!

welcome to Hat Yai
When we reach the train station  in Hat Yai, we continue to look for the ticket counter to buy a ticket to Surat Thani, if you not know, do not be shy to ask anyone who was there. They are so friendly and will be happy to help you.

3rd class train fare ticket 550B = 5.58MYR
To those who want to pray, do not worry, here they have prepared a special room for Muslims prayer. So there is no reason to leave the Solah.

While waiting for the train, take the opportunity to strolling around to see the local community life. Is recommended to buy snacks to eat along the way.

a busy life
Time to catch a train. Attention please, do not expect a comfortable ride when you pick a 3rd class train. Just come with a basic needs, and what impress me most is, this train still maintaining wood as the main craft. One more thing that makes me so excited to ride the train in Thailand is, even look old, the toilet was so clean and fragrant with perfumes. All toilets in Thailand was so clean compared with MY..hrmm.. Thailand is still no 1.

Trip to Surat Thani by train takes 7 hours, makes us become so bored and exhausted. Advised to wear a masks to avoid inhaling a dirty air. Oww my..!


A long the way you will be served with attractive scenery such as hills, villages, small towns and small railway station with a beautiful garden decorations.

500m train tunnel

After 7 hours on the train, we finally arrived at Phun Phin railway station. For information, this station is a bit far from the city of Surat Thani. So, we have an options to take a bus, taxi or tuk-tuk. After I did a research on the internet, are encouraged to take public transportation. I avoid to take a tuk-tuk because of my past experiences at Cambodia and Laos. Now, I'm  phobias with tuk-tuk.

Welcome to Surat Thani
To the city of Surat Thani and surrounding areas, we have to take the orange bus. Unfortunately, the public bus operate until 6 pm only, and I was too late. The last option is we just take a cab.

taxi fare 140B = 14MYR

Await the arrival of taxi is confusing especially if unsure how the appearance of the taxi over here. Situation like this we should be more friendly. In Thailand we can see the police are everywhere, and they are always happy to provide assistance to tourists. For this case, my friend helped a lot in things like this. Finally, this police call his friend to help us to go to the night boat pier.

asking this and that..hiks
At around 7 pm, we arrived at the jetty, continue to look for the ticket counter and buy a one-way ticket costing 400B = 40MYR. But we have to wait until 11:00 pm before starting a cruise to Koh Pha Ngan.
Before 11 pm, we took the opportunity to look for dinner. Along the jetty there are many stalls selling various food and fruits. We sat there until the time to go aboard.


10 pm, we began to enter into the boat. This was my first experience in Thailand with boat. It was so exciting and I felt back to ancient. Look at the inner space. The mattress and pillows was provided and it was very comfortable.

cozy huh, our bed is no 9 & 10
Night boat ride takes 7 hours too. From 11pm until 6am. Actually this boat is for transporting goods to the islands such as Koh Samoi, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. The boats also provides a comfortable toilet at the bottom of the deck.  The boat is also popular for all backpackers around the world.

Day 3 [11/3/2013]
Koh Phangan

Precisely at 6 am boat approaching Thongsala Pier. At that point I was able to steal some time to get bathe and pray. So refreshing. Ho ho ho. Smart right ? ~ wee.
How to know the direction of  Qiblah? To find the direction of Qiblah, you must have a compass. Determine the north and 291 is calculated to Qiblah.
Prayer time in Thailand :

Dawn :     05:18
Zuhr   :     12:28
Asr     :    15:49
Magh  :    18:27
Isha'    :    19:34

*( It is constantly changing, should be updated regularly)

dawn at Thongsala Pier 
At any time and anywhere, when a traveler arrives in one place, the first person who would find us are touts. Similarly, when we get off from the boat, some touts come to persuade us to use their services. This is the time where common sense will be tested by experience. Ai ya ya carumba..!
We take a songthaew taxi from pier to Haad Rin cost 100B for one person.

This is the price that has been fixed and is written in all the Koh Phangan brochures :
Thongsala - Haad Rin               100B
Thongsala  - Baan Tai                 50B
Thongsala - Thong Nai Pan       200B
Thongsala - Chalokum              150B
Thongsala - Haad Yao              150B


While in the pier, we asked the touts, whether or not the cheapest accommodations in Haad Rin, and she suggested us to go to Coral Bungalows. 1 night cost 300B but if more than one day, will be given a price 400B only. Bingo! that is awesome.

Coral Bungalows has provided motor vehicles for hire. Payment for hire a  motor is the same as the room rental. 200B for 1 day, if more than a day just to pay 300B.
Before rent a motor, we must to survey the motor conditions 1st, free from scratches and other damages. If there are scratches, must inform to the hotel employee in advance, to prevent us from additional fee. Do not act whims and fancies because you must remember that your passport in their hands.

take a pictures of the damages is the save way

Riding motor here does not require a driver's license, just enough if we wear a helmet and always be careful when on the road.

This island is hilly , most of the routes with slopes up to 90 degrees, so is not suitable for cycling around the island. If you are adventurous person, are welcome to do so.

What is interesting in this island ?
There are many interesting places can be visited, most popular is the Full Moon Party that been set every months.

Unfortunately that is not my interest.
My main purpose here is to find a waterfalls. There are about 8 of waterfalls on this island.
Phaeng Waterfall is located in the Than Sadet National Park, before getting to the location, we will go through the elephant trekking park.

900B for 30 minutes ride
Within 1 km, we arrived to the Than Sadet Nasional Park. A beautiful, quiet, peaceful and clean place. We park our motorbike then started to trekking into the forest.

here we are
The search began. There are two adjacent waterfalls. Phaeng Noi and Phaeng Yai. I feel sad for not expected that now is a dry season in Thailand. It's been over a month no rain in Thailand. If not, it is certainly very mesmerized to anyone who saw it. Sigh.

haiya ! no water ?
By evening, we decided to go back to the hotel, on the way we met with Muslim's restaurants. Stopped for meals. Hey hey hey FREE WIFI lah !

Thai salad with seafood

Thai noodles with seafood

only one muslim's restaurant in this island

After pay the meals price, we move on to catch a sunset at Haad Rin Nai beach.

In the evening, we both pamper our body with a Thai massage, we got only 150 baht from 300 baht for 1 hour. A discount for that day. ~wee

a soothing aromatic

Day 4 [12/3/2013]
The next day,we try to find some other waterfalls like Sramanora Waterfall, Paradise Waterfall and Wangsai Waterfall, seem like all in the same conditions. No water. Only three waterfalls that we need to find for the last times. Thong Nang, Saampan and Deang waterfall. Located deep in the forest, we have to go through a mountain passes and red soil.


 At one stage, I almost fall and damage the motor when going downhill. I sensed uneasiness, seeing the route become more dangerous and remote. Asking to the farmer about the distance, the answer is, inappropriate to use a motorcycle. Too dangerous. Finally, I decided to turn back.

argh..! let the leg wound but not a motorcycle
Very disappointed, but what could we do, just carry on go sightseeing around the island. By filling gasoline with price 150B, we are pleased and be able to circle the island.
Everything that is on this island become a tourist attraction. So, it is appropriate if we use the motorcycle, because it is easy to go from one place to another according to our comfort.

located just beside the main road
Moving towards the north of the island, we will get to the attractive beach, where the beach sand is very white and finely. It is located in the Malibu Beach Bungalows area.


aww !
Besides, there is another attraction here, an island linked by sandy bars. We can cross the sea by foot to get to the island called Koh Ma.

dare to cross ?

Our trip on this island for 3 days 2 nights is very tiring, however it was well worth it, with the entire cost only RM200 perhead. How come we can spend money with small amount ? Please continue reading till the end.

Alright, next destination is...we decided to go Koh Phi Phi. With the balance of our money, we bought the boat tickets + bus to Krabi with price 700B per head. Tomorrow we gonna get out from this island.
Bon Voyage Koh Phangan !

*Forgive me for the English language, may be incorrect or inappropriate use. Please correct my mistakes. Thank you in advance.